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Goldedoodle Dog for Sale

Why place a deposit on a puppy?

If you have your heart set on one of our puppies, putting a deposit down will guarantee that we have a puppy reserved just for you. No one else will be able to take it from you! Often our puppies are reserved before they are even born, or old enough to go home. You will choose your puppy in the order of deposits placed and placing a deposit early will help make sure you get the puppy you want. By waiting until after the litter has arrived, or is ready to go home, you may miss out on the puppy that is right for your family.

​How does placing a deposit work?

A deposit is a payment of $500 towards the total cost of your Goldendoodle puppy. It can be paid by cash, personal check, PayPal, or Venmo. If you are paying the full amount of the puppy at the time of pickup, the payment must be done by cash or Venmo.

​What if the gender that I want is not available?

Many families have a preference when it comes to the gender of their puppy. If you are placing a deposit for an unborn litter you may be worried that you won't get the gender you would like.  Ultimately we don't have any influence on how many males or females there will be in a litter. We encourage you to tell us ahead of time if you would prefer one gender over the other, to help us plan how many deposits to commit to a litter. Nature will do what nature does, and we will do our best to pair every family with the perfect puppy. If you have placed a deposit and the gender that you wanted is not available, you will be presented with the following options: 1) Apply your deposit towards the opposite gender. Boys and girls alike are all wonderful, and we think that you will love any of our amazing puppies!! :) But we also understand having your heart set on something specific....  Option 2) You may apply your deposit in full towards any other puppy/litter we have available at that time or in the future. We will gladly talk through our anticipated litters and estimated timeframes to figure out which upcoming litter will be suitable for your family. We will not refund a deposit if you decide not to go through with the commitment due to gender or any other reason.

​Refunds / What if I change my mind?

We all know that life happens, and plans change. The way this works is that a deposit is your promise to us as much as it is our promise to you.  It's our promise to raise and care for a healthy puppy for your family and help guide you on your journey to finding your new best friend. For us that doesn't just start when the puppy is born, or even when the puppy is conceived, but from the time that the parents of your puppy came under our care and every day since then. A deposit is also your promise to us, to care for the puppy that we have labored to provide to you. We take our promises seriously and invest an incredible amount of time into our puppies and their prospective families.  If after placing a deposit you decide not to go through with the commitment, your deposit will not be refunded. The deposit will be held for 1 year and can be applied to any litter born within that year. There are rare cases in which we refund a deposit, and those cases are strictly limited to us not being able to provide the puppy that we promised to you. Such as in the case of a miscarriage, or other unforeseen complications with the breeding process.  In the case where there is no puppy available to you from the litter you placed the deposit for, your deposit can be rolled over to any other puppies available or a future litter within 1 year.

​Ok, I placed a deposit. Now what?

If you have placed a deposit on an unborn litter or a litter that is too young to go to their forever homes, this means that you have some time to prepare for your new family member. It is a good time to research methods of training, puppy classes in your area, line up a dog walker, buy necessary supplies, or whatever else you need to do to prepare your family for a puppy. 

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