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Goldendoodle Pricing & Costs


A $500.00 deposit is required to hold a puppy for your family. This will go towards the purchase price of your goldendoodle. All families must also pay an additional tax of 7.25%.



An additional 4% has been added to the purchase prices when making a payment through PayPal to cover PayPal’s fees. Tax of 7.25% must be added to the purchase price of our puppies.

If you have questions regarding our golden doodle pricing, deposits, or payment methods, email us or give us a call today!

Person using PayPal to pay for their new puppy


You can easily pay with your credit card through PayPal. An additional 4% must be added to your final cost to cover the PayPal fees. 

Woman paying for her new dog with Venmo


Venmo is easy if you download the App. Fees are not applied unless you hit the "turn on for purchases" button, then a 2% fee plus a  $0.10 fee is charged. My Venmo is @youngscountrykennels

Cash Money

Cash or Check

Cash is always accepted and is the preferred payment on the day of pickup. Checks can only be accepted if they are sent early and have time to clear before you pickup your puppy.  Checks are NEVER accepted the day the puppy leaves. 

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