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How to Manage Heat Exhaustion in Your Goldendoodle

As an owner of a lovely pet Goldendoodle, you should take all the right steps to keep the animal in prime healthy condition. Heat exhaustion or heat stroke is something dogs experience similar to how humans do. Perhaps, you’ve experienced it before and felt faint in the heat and sudden blood rush after physical exertion. Here are some tips to prevent and maintain heat exhaustion:

How do you know if your Goldendoodle has heat exhaustion?

Goldendoodles are a furry and energetic species prone to heat stroke if they overexert themselves. Several factors determine how and if heat exhaustion will occur, such as the nature of their physical activity, temperament, and fur coat length.

The summer months can be a significant risk for your pet. You want to keep them healthy and happy, but you’ll have to watch for signs of dehydration.

Enclosed spaces, obesity, old age, and respiratory disease can also increase the risk. But the symptoms are not always the same.

During a heat exhaustion spell, your dog may pant excessively and experience muscle tremors. Other things to look out for are abnormally high heart rate, dizziness, lack of urine, and diarrhea.

How can I deal with the situation?

If your dog has heat exhaustion, it may go unconscious, causing you to panic and fear the worst. By looking out for the symptoms, you can identify them for what it is, take the necessary steps to deal with them, and prevent potential occurrences.

Here are some tips to guide you:

Attempt to cool them off

For humans, regulating body temperature is as simple as sweating, as the skin excretes moisture through its pores, thus cooling the person’s body. With dogs, regulation of body temperature is internal, and that’s why they pant instead.

For a pet experiencing the symptoms of heat exhaustion, the first step is to try to reduce its body temperature. You can choose to switch the environment they’re in into a cooler one.

Ensure that the water you use is reasonably cool and not altogether icy. If you use ice, you might accidentally block blood vessels and limit the body’s capacity to regulate itself. An alternative is spritzing with cool liquid or laying damp cloths on the dog’s underbelly.

Also, when cooling off your pet, you should try to do it slowly rather than rushing it. Doing so could cause shock or organ failure.

Watch the Weather

Try getting your Goldendoodle out to walk or play in the morning while it is still cool outside. It would be best to keep the them indoors during the hottest part of the day, from noon till late afternoon. Make sure he or she has access to shade and plenty of water whether she’s indoors or out.

Mind their age

You should mind the intensity of their activities because younger pups cannot handle stress as effectively as adults, making them more at risk of heat exhaustion.

If you’ve not added a Goldendoodle to your family, check out the available puppies and make your pick today!


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