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Why a Goldendoodle Is a Great Choice for a Family Pet

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Are you looking for an excellent family pet? Feeling conflicted? You should consider getting a Goldendoodle. These amazing furry creatures are not only adorable but also very smart and friendly.

Today is your day to be enlightened if you have never heard of Goldendoodles. A Goldendoodle is not an original dog breed. Instead, it is a mixture of a Poodle and a Golden retriever, the original dog breeds.

Breeders mix these two pure breeds on purpose to get the traits and personalities they want. With the Goldendoodle, you get the golden retriever's charming personality and the poodle's low-shed coat trait.

Read on to discover other factors that make a Goldendoodle the perfect pet for your family.

Easy to train

You might not have enough time on your hands to balance work, family needs, and training a dog. The good news is that Goldendoodles are super easy to train.

It should be no surprise that Goldendoodles are quite easy to train. Goldendoodles inherited the intelligence of their ancestors, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, who were initially bred to be perceptive hunting dogs.

Due to their friendly disposition and eagerness to please their owners, Goldendoodles are well-suited to positive reinforcement training.

If you ignore bad behavior and give them treats when they behave well, they will quickly learn the difference between good and bad behavior.

Suitable for Allergy Sensitive People

Because of their poodle ancestry, Goldendoodles do not shed. They are also allergy friendly which is perfect for the allergy sufferers.

You can further reduce the risk of allergic reactions by having your dog's coat regularly groomed using suitable equipment.

Goldendoodles are not noisy

This breed generally does not bark unless necessary, such as in an emergency or when you come home after being away for a long time. Except on those rare occasions, you'll be dealing with a quiet dog. Even if other dogs in the area are barking, a Goldendoodle will choose to be quiet.

Goldendoodles love to cuddle

Goldendoodles love being the center of attention. Their favorite pastime is snuggling up to people and being lap dogs; it makes no difference where you are or what you are doing.

Goldendoodles get along well with children

Families with children will benefit from this advantage because they will quickly get along with their children. Our goldendoodles are well socialized by our children and are handled daily from birth.

Now that you know what a great choice Goldendoodles are for your family, you may wonder where you can get them. Do not think too hard! You can make your pick right now.


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